Dodgers Rumors: Team ‘Can Wait No Longer’ on Moving Ethier

The Dodgers have a deadline coming up. It’s until for quite some time, but with every day that passes, the amount of the leverage they have in moving Andre Ethier (their lone outfielder with value) dwindles.

Well, technically, they could move Joc Pederson or Yasiel Puig, but thanks to a disappointing second half and repeated issues of the field to go with a disappointing season overall, they’d be selling low on both.

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I’d bring up Carl Crawford as an option to move, but the Dodgers would probably have to eat basically every single penny of his contract to make him attractive to another team. Again, that’d be selling incredibly low.

All that leaves Ethier, who’s coming off a solid season. Here’s Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal on the Dodgers’ predicament with their longest-tenured player.

The Dodgers essentially can wait no longer to move outfielderAndre Ethier, who on May 2 will gain full no-trade protection as a player with 10 years of major-league service, five consecutive with the same club.

Ethier’s $17.5 million vesting option for 2018, though, could prove a complication –?? the Dodgers are willing to include a considerable portion of the $35.5 million that Ethier is owed the next two seasons, but the option year gives him the chance for additional income.

Now, one thing potentially working in the Dodgers’ favor is how the contracts handed out to outfielders continue to increase — as evidenced by Jason Heyward’s huge deal that could very well have been even more incredible. So, if you’re a team looking for a cheap solution in the outfield, would you rather sign one of the Winter Meeting’s leftovers or trade for Ethier and have a portion of the deal you’re paying out covered by the Dodgers?

It’s a question teams are undoubtedly asking themselves as the offseason continues, and one that the Dodgers are probably sending fliers throughout the league as the aforementioned deadline to move Ethier looms.

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