Dodgers Rumors: Dodgers Look At Victorino, Pence, Soriano, LaHair, Morneau

The Dodgers are in the hunt for an impact bat and front-line pitcher before the trade deadline. They have interest in many players, but only three days left to complete trades. The desired location for a player is outfield, first base, and possibly even third base.

Let’s review the ones that the Dodgers have recently been discussing with other clubs.


There are three main outfield targets that are possibilities in Shane Victorino , Hunter Pence, and Alfonso Soriano.

Each one of these players represent the same need, however the cost to acquire and length of contracts differ greatly.

Let’s take a look:
[table caption=”Comparing Outfielders”]
Player,Age, Yearly Salary, FA Date,HR, RBI,AVG, SB,wOBA,WAR
Victorino,31,$9.5M,2013,8, 39,.256,23,.320,2.2

All players stand out as an upgrade in the outfield in terms of power, defense, and overall value. Soriano and Pence get the long ball more, while Victorino’s speed sets him far apart in terms of stolen bases.

It comes down the cost. It’s already been discussed that Victorino would cost Josh Lindblom. The Cubs’ desire is to get a return of better prospects in exchange for Soriano, while eating all but $2M of his salary. While, Pence is the target that would cost the most in terms of prospects to acquire.

First Basemen:

The one and only reason we still see James Loney playing first base so often is because of his defense. He offers no speed or power to this lineup and has had a terrible first half of the season. That said, the Dodgers are looking a few possible upgrades at first base.

Back to the tables:

[table caption=”Comparing Infielders”]
Player,Age, Yearly Salary, FA Date,HR, RBI,AVG,wOBA,WAR

Judging from the table above you might be attracted to LaHair. He’s very cheap in terms of salary and under team control until 2018.

But if you take away his great April, you have someone whose power and average have dropped off the map.

Morneau on the other hand hasn’t flashed the same power that he did early in the season. However, his average has gone up over the months and he’s hitting to the tune of .307 AVG over the month of July.


If the Dodgers are only able to get one player from the list above, it would be pretty simple. I would go with Hunter Pence. With James Loney hitting .328 over the month of July, we have a bigger need to upgrade our outfield. Pence is an overall great player and would fit perfect in our outfield through next season while we wait for the arrival of Yasiel Puig.

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