Dodgers: The Dodger Dog Given Top Honor By MLB London

Admittedly, I have never had a Lobster Roll at an MLB ballpark. Moreover, I don’t remember ever having one in my life. Whereas – I have enjoyed dozens of Dodger Dogs in my lifetime – and there is definitely something different about them. Especially if you can get the grilled variety as opposed to the steamed.

Now, the Dodger Dog has been named the top food item in the ‘World Series of Ballpark Food’ by the MLB London Official twitter account. You can see the final results below, as voted upon by twitter users.

Equally important – this is probably because the Dodger Dog is the most world renowned food in the entire baseball world. Even though I follow and write about the Dodgers, I struggle to think of a food more synonymous with America’s Past Time.

You go to the ballpark, you get a hot dog. That’s just what people do. Above all, this gives the Dodgers’ staple food item a leg-up on everything else in the field.

Comparatively, maybe it comes down to price. Not that the Dodger Dog is a cheap item in Tinseltown. However, the Lobster Roll doesn’t appear to come at a value bargain price according to one fan.

It won’t be long, and we will all have the chance to make our Dodger Dog how we like it once again. If you’re like me, you’ll relish (no pun) in the opportunity to get pavilion seats only so you can sneak down five dogs and claim you only did two. Any true fan of the Dodger Dog knows you eat one before you head back up to the seats so whoever you’re with doesn’t realize you are a slob.

What do you think? Is the Dodger Dog the best baseball food item? And most importantly: how do you like your Dodger Dog? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I also like them grilled…Mustard, Relish and Onions occasionally. I love Dodger Dogs. I will say having had the fun of going to games at Camelback I like the Chicago Dog also. I like the Dodger Dog more as it is what I have had for 50 plus years but the Chicago Dog is pretty good.

  2. The spicy hot link with BBQ sauce and vinegar slaw (King’s Hawaiian Grill) this post season overthrew the Dodger Dog as my favorite stadium dog. I never thought it would ever happen. Cupid’s chili dog is a close second.

  3. I’ve been eating dodgers dogs since I was a kid. I lived in Chavez Ravine and walk up the driveway into the parking lot in the late 60’s and have been eating g Dodger dogs ever since! Mustard, ketchup and relish! Love watching Steve Garvey, Ron Cey, Bill Russell, Steve Yeager, Fernando Valenzuela andike Piazza! Those were the days!

  4. Hey!. I lived on Brooklyn (Breed by Big Buy) and Soto and used to walk or take the 68 bus to downtown then catch the bus that went down Sunset. I was in the Pepsi fan club. My mom would pick us up at the phone booth on Sunset, just east of Elysian Park. Those were the days for sure!!! They had double-headers too.