Dodgers Triple-A Affiliate Takes a Shot at Astros’ Alex Bregman

Everyone loves to take shots at the Houston Astros whenever they can. And why not? They cheated the Dodgers out of a 2017 title and cheated every other team in the American League out of a chance to reach baseball’s pinnacle. Anyone a part of that team deserves the ridicule that comes with disgrace. 

But when the Oklahoma City Dodgers took a shot at Alex Bregman this week, it was a funny little surprise. In a now-deleted tweet, the Triple-A affiliate took a jab at Bregman who was playing with the Sugar Land Skeeters. 

After a homerun, the OKC Dodgers posted this tweet.

Oklahoma City Dodgers Tweet

It didn’t last long though as the OKC Dodgers appear to have removed the tweet. Bregman and the Skeeters got the last laugh too, as they came from behind and won that game. 

Other Dodgers News

The Dodgers lost out on RHP Conner Greene this week after designated him for assignment. The hard-throwing righty will head back to the Orioles after they claimed him on waivers again from Los Angeles. So back east he goes! 

It seems like all year long the Dodgers and Giants have been in a war for the top position in baseball. This week, Los Angeles once again took over the top place in MLB’s latest power rankings. This comes after a week in which they took down the Pirates and took a total of 6 games from the Mets between 2 series. 

Up next for LA, they head to San Diego tonight for a series with the Padres. 

Dodgers News: RHP Conner Greene Out of Los Angeles, Claimed by Baltimore

Written by Brook Smith

Brook is the Senior Editor of Dodgers Nation, with several years of experience in sports journalism. He is an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan, and can be spotted fairly often at Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.


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  1. Red Sox cheat LAD out of 2018 WS too! 2019 Nats cheated LAD out of WS too! We have been cheated by everyone. We are the best at should automatically win every WS unless those teams were cheating.

    • But no one cheated during the playoff…..with extra refs and multiple signs being changed by the catcher and pitchers! You lost, period. Get over it!

  2. You weren’t cheated out of a World Series, you choked. Then you choked again in 2018 and then choked again in 2019. The only World Series title you have is in a pandemic shortened season. Then, this year, you can’t even be on top of your division with that payroll that you have. Dodgers fans are the worst.

  3. Before discounting the effect that Astros’ (verified) cheating had on the 2017 World Series, read the MLB findings and use critical thinking skills. As for our 2020 World Series championship, all teams competed in “a pandemic shortened season”, but the Dodgers were the team that came out on top. If it was not challenging to win the World Series last year, then there should have been more competition getting there (and whatever team you are affiliated with should have won byt did not.) Regardless, it never ceases to amaze me just how many Dodgers-haters feel compelled to troll Dodgersnation and use futile attempts to demean Dodgers’ fans. Either you are truly unstimulated by your own team and/or the content on your team’s website and/or you are obsessed with the Dodgers and Dodgers’ fans and/or you are feeling anxiety because you believe that the Dodgers’ may still end up on top of our Division or in the 2021 World Series.
    Go Dodgers!!!

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