Dodgers Video: Clayton Kershaw’s Interview Crashed By A.J. Ellis

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to making the trip to Cincinnati for the 86th MLB All-Star Game or much less being named to the National League roster as the replacement for Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer, Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw had to endure another interview with distractions.

Kershaw was a guest on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk, hosted by Chris Rose and Kevin Millar. While the two hosts were in studio, Kershaw joined them live from Dodger Stadium, where his teammates of course joined him. The conversation was relatively lighthearted with Kershaw poking fun at Rose, now his neighbor, and the reigning NL MVP’s first career three-hit game.

Minutes later one of Kershaw’s teammates, possibly Joc Pederson, entered the picture with a Juan Uribe face cutout (2:35 mark). After taking a minute to regather, Kershaw went into detailing why he was ejected from a high school football game for protecting teammate and now Detroit Lions quarterback Matt Stafford.

Kershaw’s teammates weren’t done attempting to distract him as A.J. Ellis entered the fray without a t-shirt under his chest protective gear (7:05 in the video below). This marked the second time in a span of six days where Kershaw battled distractions during a nationally televised interview.

Additionally, wondering which teammate Kershaw would hit with a water ballon if given the choice and why? He answers:

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