Dodgers Video: Dave Roberts, Don Mattingly and Managing Around Analytics

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts spoke candidly with former Dodger Brett Tomko on his podcast “Bleav in Dugout Dudes”. Roberts asserted, whoever was to follow Don Mattingly as Dodgers manager was going to be deemed a puppet by fans and media.

We discuss Dave Roberts’ comments and break down some of his managerial miscues that have cost the Dodgers during his tenure. Plus, does Dave Roberts need to win a World Series in the next two years to keep his job?

What are your thoughts? Do you consider Dave Roberts a puppet? Where do you stand on analytics in game decision making?

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One Comment

  1. Much of that is true. The narrative would be different for Kershaw and Roberts if the cheaters didn’t cheat. So a two yr window to win a WS is unnecessary and unreasonable. Anything could happen, injuries, shortened seasons, other teams being just as good. Overall wins, game management and team culture are what should be judged.