Dodgers vs Brewers: Remembering Chris Taylor’s Game 7 NLCS Catch

The Dodgers start a 4 game series in Milwaukee starting today. It got us remembering here at Dodgers Nation the last time The Dodgers played at Miller Park.

October 20, 2018

The Dodgers had clawed their way to a game 7 in the NLCS. A lot of Dodger fans truly didn’t think they’d get this far. Walker Buehler had pitched beautifully. He struck out 7 and the only run he surrendered was a solo shot to soon-to-be MVP, Christian Yelich. Into his 5th inning of work, and he had gotten two outs. He left the game with a runner on 2nd.

In relief came Julio Urias, our favorite ‘teenager’ who had surprisingly made the NLCS roster because of how lights out he had been late in September. There’s more to Julio’s story here. The Dodgers turned to Urias to get the final out of the 5th, who happened to be the aforementioned soon-to-be MVP, Christian Yelich. Not an easy task. Julio got ahead in the account, it was 0-2.

The Catch

0-2 count, 94 mph heater top of the zone. Oh why describe it, here it is.

Everything about that is riveting. MVP against a top prospect returning from a year long injury. An 0-2 count. Fastball letters high that Yelich takes the other way. Chris Taylor–a man who had a rather dichotomous 2018, and who could play a lot of different places on the field. Bellinger’s reaction after CT3 catches the ball, and Chris Taylor himself. Chris, normally a fairly stoic man, showing so much fire after the catch. That was invigorating. But perhaps it wasn’t just the moment. Perhaps Chris Taylor knew he hadn’t just made a game-saving catch, he had also temporarily calmed the broken heart of Julio Urias.

Julio’s Grandmother

Julio Urias grandmother had passed away the day before. Just before the popping of champagne bottles commenced over the 2nd consecutive world series berth, Kiké Hernandez shared the news with the rest of the team.

There are some moments in life where words escape you. There are some pictures in time that paint the memories better than the words you choose to describe them. This was one of those moments. Nothing brings back the ones we’ve lost, but the meaning we find in the moments we are mourning that make us feel like we’re going to endure. Chris Taylor’s catch carries that kind of weight. Those are the things we never forget.

“The Catch” Summarizes 2018

Christ Taylor’s catch that night was a perfect microcosm for the 2018 Dodgers. A talented player takes an initially poor route to arrive to the destination. At the last possible moment when it absolutely mattered most, he corrects the route using his speed and ability–and makes the catch while nearly sliding into his teammate, who celebrates with a youthful exuberance.

The Dodgers started 2018 poorly, and had many rough moments in their boom or bust season. But when it mattered most in September, and in game 163, they got the job done. They corrected their path, and they made the play.

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