Dodgers: Will Smith Played Third Base and It Went About How You Would Expect

Could we see Will over at the hot corner in a pinch?

The Dodgers have a very good problem at their catcher position. It’s a problem that very few teams get to have and I am sure that Dave Roberts or the front office would never complain about it. The issue is a whole lot of talent at one spot. 

The Dodgers obviously have Will Smith and Austin Barnes right now. Both of those guys have proven that they are big-league catchers and should be around the next few years. But they also have Keibert Ruiz who is arguably as big league ready as they come. Diego Cartaya is also crushing balls at Low-A Rancho Cucamonga at just 19-years-old.

At some point, someone is going to have to move positions or move to another team. Probably. The Dodgers always find a way to make it work. But one of the things they might do to make it work is moving Will Smith to a new position. They gave it a shot in a blowout win over the Cardinals on Wednesday night. 

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In the 8th inning with the Dodgers leading by 11 runs, Will Smith came into the game to play third base. It was the first time in his MLB career that he played in a game at any position besides catcher. Smith got one slowly hit ground ball from Edmundo Sosa, but he couldn’t make the throw on a line to Yoshi Tsutsugo at first. 

So it didn’t go as we all hoped, but Smith did field the ball cleanly. Smith logged a bunch of innings at the hot corner in his minor league days. In fact, he played 43 games there and over 273 innings with Double-A Tulsa in 2018.

Could the Dodgers move him over there to free up some of their younger talent? Maybe. Only time will tell. 

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Written by Brook Smith

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  1. Perhaps they should trade either Will Smith, Keibert Ruiz or Diego Cartaya whichever one they think is the least valuable to them(Dodgers). I get rid of Barnes but he doesn’t have much value.

  2. I wonder if the Dodgers might be thinking of Smith replacing Turner at 3rd, when JT retires. That would open a catcher spot for Ruiz.

  3. Dodgers future lineup… Maybe.?
    1B – Turner / Muncy
    2B – Muncy / Taylor / Busch?
    3B – Seager / Taylor
    SS – Lux / Seager / Taylor
    LF – Beaty / Taylor / Peters?
    RF – Betts / Beaty
    CF – Bellinger / Taylor / Peters?
    C – Smith / Ruiz

  4. Anything less than excellence at 3B is pretty risky IMHO. I guess I’d ask: How well did he play 3B in the minors. His AA fielding stats and reports would be a pretty good indicator.

  5. Something most never cover is. I can say with both catchers they are throwing runners out @ a high % of the time!

  6. When I saw his throw I had enough fun. First base throw suck. Just do what is natural, don’t think about anything else. If you do you will make a error. Your psychic is everything

  7. Uhh, why don’t you ask Clayton Kershaw about that subject … Also who is nearly always the catcher when the entire season is on the line??? Be it when Grandal was here or with Smith ???

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