Dodgers: With Mookie’s Return on Horizon, Roberts isn’t Quite Ready to Celebrate Just Yet

After what has felt like a year of misfortune for the Dodgers in terms of injuries, all of the stars appear to be aligning at an ideal time for the ballclub as it approaches the final stretch of the season. 

Having their roster at full strength is becoming much more palpable for the reigning world champions with the return of superstar outfielder Mookie Betts on the horizon. 

When asked what his excitement level was to finally have his entire unit together for one of the first times this season, Dodger skipper Dave Roberts jokingly revealed that he will remain modest with his expectations given the bad luck the team has endured all year long. 

“My anticipation is tempered because of what we’ve gone through this year,” Roberts said with a light grin. “But all kidding aside, I am (excited). I’m just excited to get Mookie (Betts) back and I’m expecting it to go well.”  

There’s no denying that it is, in fact, great news to the Dodgers organization and their fans, especially for a team that has seen seven players shut down for the duration of the season, four currently on the 60-day Injured List and an additional 19 who have landed on the IL in some capacity this year.  

Despite the reason to believe the addition of Betts is almost too good to be true, no, this is not a drill. 

The Dodgers are going into next week with the former AL MVP back from injury to play with the likes of Max Muncy, Will Smith, Corey Seager, Justin Turner, and Cody Bellinger, along with newer teammate Trea Turner. This is not including the return of left-handed pitcher Julio Urias, who is expected to start the series opener against the San Diego Padres on Tuesday.

“We haven’t announced, but it’s trending that way,” Roberts said when asked if Urias is on track to start on Tuesday.

What’s even more frightening about this team is the depth that they possess which is a dimension that Roberts credited in Sunday’s press conference. 

“We have a lot of good players but a lot of credit goes to the guys that continue to pick each other up,” Roberts said. “We wouldn’t be here without those guys, guys that were non-roster guys or were role players, whatever it might be. 

The Blue Crew has won 13 of their last 15 games as a result of the aforementioned depth and versatility but the return of one of their core pieces is exactly what the team needs to replicate the magical run from last year.

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Written by Tairiq Marshall


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  1. It still comes down to playing better baseball than the Giants for the rest of the season and except for a brief period this spring, this club hasn’t been able to do that, no matter who’s in the lineup. The Giants continue to play good defense, have a clutch hitting offense, and they haven’t been over-managed this year (so far). The dodgers have a leaky defense, have a lot of problems plating RISP, do lousy in extra inning games and Roberts has mostly guessed wrong this year.

    Getting to the playoffs? Yes. Winning the division? Long odds this club won’t. World Series?

  2. In the past month, The Dodgers, Astros, Brewers and A’s, all had their opportunities to take series against the Giants and they couldn’t get it done, further reinforcing that S.F. is going to continue to play great Baseball down the stretch. The Giants ability to rally late and steal games that they were on the verge of losing, has been ridiculous, especially lately.
    Although, there are many other games to be played, the Dodgers are going to have find a way to reverse the trend of rolling over against the Pads and the Dodgers must take 2 of 3 against the Giants in their upcoming Labor Day Weekend series.
    What the Dodgers do against the Pads, even though S.D. is in a complete free fall and what they will do against the Giants, probably sets the tone for what the Dodgers will do against everybody else.
    The next 10 days is likely going to tell the tale for the Dodgers 2021 regular season.

  3. It looks like we are pretty locked in right now. And going forward, we have a dynamic pair of top of the order. And that will be our trump card the rest of the way. We have gained 2 and a half games the last 10 days. Roberts should keep Turner at leadoff. Mookie batting second. Less pressure on Mookie’s running when they both get on. Max batting third. High walk rate, high slugging percentage. And, left handed.
    Once again, less pressure on Mookie’s running. Turner 4th. Best top 4 in baseball. And the bottom has 3 All Stars no matter the mix.

  4. Aloha from Hawaii Blue to Dodgers Blue~~
    The LA Dodgers are finally coming together at near 100% strength for this very important stretch heading toward the finish line!!
    My Predictions:
    1. The Dodgers will win the NL West over the Gnats.
    2. The Dodgers will win the NLDS against the Gnats (WC winner vs, Milwaukee or Reds)
    3. The Dodgers will win the World Series against the Houston As*hos 4 games to 2 (KARMA!)
    4. Walker Buehler wins the NL Cy Young Award
    5. The 2021 Dodgers will not only be the best team of 2021 but be remembered as one of the All-Time Best Team EVER, like the ’27/ ’39/ ’61/ ’98 Yankees, the Big Red Machine, etc.

    The Dodgers are an All-Star Team!
    The Winning Lineup:

    Trea Turner, 2B
    Mookie Betts, RF
    Max Muncy, 1B
    Justin Turner/ Chris Taylor 3B
    Corey Seager, SS
    Will Smith, C
    Chris Taylor/ AJ Pollock, LF
    Cody Bellinger, CF
    SP Walker Buehler
    Max Scherzer
    Clayton Kershaw
    Julio Urias
    David Price
    RP Blake Trienen/ Cory Knebel, Jansen/ Bickford/ J. Kelly
    Albert Pujols
    Matt Beaty
    Gavin Lux
    Austin Barnes

    MIA: Trevor Bauer

    GM of the Year: Andrew Friedman
    Manager of the Year: Davey Johnson


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