Exclusive Interview: Dodgers Assistant General Manager Jeff Kingston

Jeff Kingston was hired on as Assistant General Manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers at the beginning of December. Now – on the verge of spring training – he was nice enough to join Clint Pasillas (@realFRG) and myself (@DiamondHoggers) to talk about what it’s like in the Dodgers front office.

I really enjoyed this interview from beginning to end. Kingston was not only accommodating but displayed a stark intelligence that allowed us to pick his brain.


Highlights of the Interview With Jeff Kingston:

Interview topics include:

  • His New Jersey roots and being a Dodgers fan from birth
  • His first game at Dodger Stadium
  • The transition from working for the Seattle Mariners to the Los Angeles Dodgers
  • A day in the life of an assistant GM
  • His role in all facets of roster construction
  • The path he took to work in professional baseball
  • What is Theo Epstein like as a boss?
  • The process of learning the Dodgers current personnel
  • His feelings on the major league roster at the current time

Moreover, a lot more came out of the discussion; making for a great quick listen!

Dodgers Nation would like to thank Jeff Kingston for joining us for this interview. It’s great to get to know a member of the front office a little better, and work with an organization who wants the fan base to know them with transparency.

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