Giants Broadcaster Tells Alex Guerrero To ‘Grab Some Pine, Meat’

Madison Bumgarner, Alex Guerrero

The storyline of Clayton Kershaw and Madison Bumgarner squaring off for the second time in the young season has quickly been washed away by the exchange Bumgarner had with Alex Guerrero in the seventh inning of Tuesday’s game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants.

Guerrero spun out of the batter’s box after flying out on a breaking ball and it led to Bumgarner feeling the need to share his opinion on the Cuban native’s talent. Guerrero made his way back to the Dodgers dugout and said Wednesday he was unaware of Bumgarner’s actions until after the game.

The one-sided nature of the situation was further exacerbated by recent comments Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow made during an interview with KNBR 680 AM:

He’s got 22 at-bats and has five home runs and 15 RBIs. So this guy is thinking he’s the next big thing and I think everybody in Los Angeles is thinking he’s the next big thing … He does kind of a 360 out of the box and that ticked off Bumgarner. Number one, he ain’t been here that long to be doing stuff like that. And he [Bumgarner] basically told him, ‘You ain’t good enough to start doing this.’ He told him twice. And twice the response from Guerrero was, ‘head down, yes sir, thank you, thank you sir, yes sir.’ He was very respectful and humble, which he should have been.

Krukow continued to explain why Bumgarner took issue with Guerrero’s actions and said he expects to see more of the same type of behavior from the Dodgers’ utility man:

You don’t have any time up here, and here’s a guy who’s a legend out there on the hill, you don’t do anything that shows him up. And in Bumgarner’s mind, he did. I think Guerrero, the type of player that he is, I think we’re going to see more things like that. He’s a guy who’s got some flamboyance to him, but right now he doesn’t have enough time to really back it up so I think he became humbled quite quickly … He ain’t been here long enough, so grab some pine, meat.”

Given the two run-ins Bumgarner had with Yasiel Puig last season that were four months apart, it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if this isn’t the only incident between Bumgarner and Guerrero this season. The next series between the Dodgers and Giants begins May 19 at AT&T Park.


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