Grammar Study Ranks Fans Of All 30 MLB Teams, Dodgers Fall In Middle

David Crane-Los Angeles Daily News
David Crane-Los Angeles Daily News

For decades opposing fan bases of various sports teams have argued which is more passionate and knowledgable. Differing views amongst family and friends lead for interesting exchanges that at times, can perhaps result in too much of a heated discussion.

What’s not often, if ever, discussed, is which fan base excels in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the like. As the Internet became a staple in the everyday lives of many, so too have message boards, chat rooms and the art of commenting back and forth on published online articles.

In collaboration with The Wall Street Journal, Grammarly used their algorithms to analyze 150 fan comments of 50 words or more from all 30 official MLB team sites. The American League as a whole averaged more errors per 100 words, and Los Angeles Dodgers fans fell squarely in the middle of the pack:

MLB Grammar Rankings by Grammarly's Grammar Checker

The results are less than favorable for Dodgers fans as they rank behind the rival San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. While the San Diego Padres have struggled on the field, their fans can take some solace in being the National League team that on average commits the fewest grammar errors.

Meanwhile it appears the NL East could use a grammar lesson or two as New York Mets fans rank dead last with the Philadelphia Phillies fan base only marginally better.


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