How the 2012 Dodgers got dumped by the girl of their dreams

It’s hard to put into words the emotions I felt last night, but here’s the best analogy I’ve got:

You ever had a crush on the girl of your dreams, knowing full-well that things will probably never work out?

Well, last night, the girl of your dreams (and mine) announced once and for all she wasn’t interested, and even though we all saw it coming, it doesn’t exactly make it hurt any less unfortunately.

After finally playing like the team they were supposed to be, the Dodgers snapped a six-game winning streak with a loss to the San Francisco Giants that officially ended their 2012 campaign.

In a sense, the 2012 season came to a close exactly as it should have: excitingly.

For a team that rode a roster full of minor-leaguers for extended periods of time, battled through injuries to two of their top pitchers and saw the fortunes seemingly reversed by a blockbuster trade, a 4-3 loss with a man in scoring position was fitting.

For starters, fans had finally regained confidence in the lineup over the past week. A month ago, a one-run deficit in the ninth may have seemed insurmountable given the team’s offensive woes.

Last night, however, this group of guys had re-inspired Chavez Ravine to the extent that every fan in the stadium spent the entire ninth inning on their feet.

Things got started with an Andre Ethier single, but a miserable at-bat from A.J. Ellis (not entirely his fault), brought Bobby Abreu to the dish with one out.

With Dee Gordon now running for Ethier, everyone held their collective breath, just waiting for Gordon to break for second. Instead, Gordon waited for Abreu to be retired before stealing second with Mark Ellis at the dish.

And then, there was Ellis.

This was the same guy who many blamed for costing the Dodgers a run earlier in the game when he tried stretching a double into a triple and was thrown out easily.

And yet, with no bigger shot at redemption, Ellis stepped to the plate as Gordon advanced to second. Unfortunately for Ellis and the Dodgers, however, it wasn’t meant to be.

Ellis’ lazy fly ball to center field wasn’t nearly shallow enough to drop, and as Angel Pagan squeezed his glove on the game, he was also squeezing his glove on the Dodgers’ 2012 season.

So now what?

Well, for starters, at least we’ve got the Giants to root against for a week.

But beyond that, the outlook is positive in Dodgertown.

This group of all-stars finally began performing as they were expected to down the stretch, and if they play with the talent, heart and enthusiasm they had this week all of next year, Los Angeles is in good shape.

On the pitching front, an off-season to get healthy will be welcomed by many, and could leave the Dodgers in great shape come 2013 with a rotation of Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, Josh Beckett, Ted Lilly and either Aaron Harang or Chris Capuano.

And yet, 2013 sits months and months away. Well, I guess we’ve got about 12 months to find the next girl of our dreams.

The good news? I think she’ll be into us.

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