If you have followed me on twitter, if you have read me here at Dodgers Nation, and if you’ve met me; you know Cody Bellinger is the straw that stirs my blue drink.

In other words, when Buster Olney tweeted this in the afternoon on Tuesday; my blood pressure rose a bit.

In fact, any of my comrades here will attest to the fact that I went from zero to sixty. I was – and currently am – a bit pissed off about it.

Now, this could simply be Buster Olney craftily throwing Bellinger’s name in a group to get some chatter. However, I don’t believe that. That isn’t Buster’s style. Furthermore, I think the Dodgers are open to trading Cody Bellinger if the price is right. And I think that this is completely negligent and borderline insanity.

Do I really think the Los Angeles Dodgers will trade Bellinger this offseason? No. Do I believe behind closed doors that they have warmed to the idea if X, Y, and Z fall into place? YES.

And there’s the rub. Surely, therein lies my entire problem.

Olney Connects Pollock To Dodgers

It seemed obscene when the Miami Marlins whispered they would accept Bellinger for J.T. Realmuto a month ago. Certainly the Dodgers wouldn’t consider such a thing, right? Moreover, I believe it’s even more ludicrous that no one from one of the best organizations in sports has come out to say that Cody Bellinger is ‘untouchable’. Not Andrew Friedman, not Dave Roberts, not Friedman’s nephew.

It’s an insult to Bellinger and an insult to cornerstones everywhere – few are as gleamy as Cody Ballgame – that this has been allowed to marinade for an entire day.

The bottom line is this: what are you going to trade Bellinger for? Mike Trout, Francisco Lindor, Mookie Betts; you can forget those guys. Those are other team’s untouchable building blocks. Are you going to deal Bellinger for Noah Syndergaard or Jacob deGrom – both of whom are one toss from a surgery table – volatile as pitchers are to begin with.

Furthermore, any trade talk that makes way to the press with our 23-year old future superstar should be immediately shot down. If it happens I will stand at the mountaintop and raise Dodger Nation Hell. I will die proudly on this hill. You build around Bellinger and keep your paws off a solid roster. And quit being so in love with Bryce Harper while you’re at it – he had a similar WAR value to Bellinger and will cost at least ten times the amount per season.

So what say you, Nation? Who is with me? Stand with your editor and let your voice be heard. We WILL NOT stand for Cody Bellinger’s name being in trade rumors.

I hope Friedman or one of his pals sees this and realizes the pure insanity of it all. Shoot it down publicly!