In the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 2018 World Series against the Boston Red Sox, Joe Buck and John Smoltz didn’t endear themselves to Dodgers fans. This was partially due to the result of each game – and the tone of Buck and Smoltz in the booth.

Now, Buck has gone a step further. He’s doubling down folks. Buck said in a conference call with WEEI that the 2018 World Series ‘was not compelling’.

Joe Buck’s Quote on the 2018 World Series

The games were really not that compelling. (John) Smoltz has gone from the darling three years ago to, ‘He hates baseball.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s that he loves the game, and he’s not that (removed) from playing, and he wants to see a certain approach that’s starting to disappear in the game. I’m not sure analytics, launch angle and all of that is producing better baseball. He has said 1 million times to me, because they’re allowing the shift, sluggers say, ‘If I hit the ball on the ground, I’m going to make an out, because everyone is on this side of the field. So I’m going to swing and try to launch the ball out of the ballpark, and we don’t care about strikeouts.’ That might be fine in the regular season, but the better at-bats belonged to the Red Sox, and to me, that’s why they won. They fought to get on base, they went deep into at-bats, and they were able to put the bat on the ball, and get runs. I think that’s always going to help a team win. It might not be the only way, but my God, if putting the bat on the ball and creating action isn’t better than swinging and missing, then I don’t understand it either.

Moreover, Buck also added that he would like to see the pace of play improved. Still, one cannot argue that Buck and Smoltz took on the tone of two guys who would rather be elsewhere during the five game series this past October.

While the items Buck gives mention to are valid – it brings into question – is it an announcer’s job to display professionalism at all times regardless of the style of play ongoing? I feel like it is.

Your Thoughts

Does Joe Buck have a point? How did you feel about him calling the 2018 World Series? Finally, was the 2018 World Series between two of baseball’s most storied teams compelling or not? You let us know in the comments!

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