LA Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts Says Pedro Baez is Tipping Pitches

On Sunday against Boston, Baez allowed back to back home runs.

Pedro Baez reportedly was tipping pitches in Sunday’s extra inning affair with the Boston Red Sox, according to manager Dave Roberts. This problem also reportedly has been going on since prior to the All-Star Break with three homers allowed in his last three appearances:

After entering the game in the 8th inning with a 4-2 lead to protect, he immediately served up back-to-back home runs to Xander Bogaerts and JD Martinez, erasing a brilliant start from starter Hyun-Jin Ryu, who had completed 7 innings of 2 run ball. Thankfully he was able to rebound and strike out the side — all swinging — on 13 pitches.

Baez has been one of the Dodgers’ best relievers this season and has been a consistent presence in the eighth inning for the club. It is imperative that he figures this issue out in short order, considering the bullpen is the one area where the Dodgers are not sure-handed. The Dodgers absolutely need Baez to be at the top of his game now so it can translate into October.

Baez has a 3.67 ERA and 3.80 FIP in 43 games and 41 2/3 innings pitched this season.

Written by Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


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  1. “Baez has been one of the Dodgers’ best relievers this season…” therein lies the Dodgers achilles heal in 2019

    • Good day SoCalbum, and that’s very true as most would certainly agree. i did find it odd because he had allowed only 1 HR in 1st 40 appearances. But with that I believe Dodgers made a statement in this series with Boston outscoring them 19 to 14 in these 3 games. I especially liked how they handled Sale in Saturday’s game. Hope all is well for you and yours.

  2. Baez should be on another team. the man folds in big situations and the fans cannot stand it when “Petey” walks in from the bullpen. He is also the slowest worker in Baseball.

  3. Well David Price is not a speedy pitcher either. Baez still worries me though when brought into a close game as does some other relievers.

  4. Outside of Urias and Jansen, we have no bullpen. It seems whenever the starters pitch a great game and then get yanked in the 6th, 7th, or 8th inning, the bullpen comes in and blows the game for us.

    My hats off to Urias and Jansen as without those 2 we would probably have 15-20 less wins. But if we are to win a World Series, we need big Time bullpen help!

  5. I felt the same way about Baez last year. There seem to be improvements this year for the most part. If he is tipping his pitches that can be corrected. However, we still need another reliever. With a 3 run lead how does Florio walk the lead off batter. There is some improvement in Kelly. Keep giving him the ball to give him confidence.

    • I concur. I, too, felt the same way about Baez last year-and with justification. But this year, there is discernible improvement and Baez has frequently come through (how fast we forget.) But yes, without question, we need (at least) another reliever. Kelly is settling in, but I still would not trust him unless we have a significant lead. That July 31st deadline is fast approaching; and, if we do not take care of the “elephant in the room”……..

    • I agree walking the lead-off batter with a 3 run lead is inexcusable. He did manage to get through the inning. Garcia has been great or terrible not much in between. Kelly has been very good lately. His stuff is amazing! Try to hit a 100 mph fastball and then see an 87 mph curve fading down and away. The hits Boston got on Kelly Saturday were jam shots, not solid hits. Those you live with.
      Lately, Jansen, Kelly, and Baez have been very effective and when you have Urias that can close out a club for 2-3 innings the Dodgers are close to an effective bullpen. Floro has been effective and Chargois, if he stays healthy, is just nasty with the sidearm stuff, Alexander is on the mend.
      I would like to see them get a lights out Left-handed reliever but I do not want them to rent a guy for high prospects for a month. I believe they should trade for someone like Velasquez from the Pirates that has 2-3 more years of control and use some talented Farm guys that are blocked. Lux is blocked by Muncy, Seager, and Turner. The Dodgers have Downs and Estevez coming up along with some International signed guys so they can trade Lux and maybe Gonsolin. I would keep May.

      • I agree with your comment, t. Baez is a liability at present IMHO. If we can get the pitching tipping corrected, so be it. I would add Yadier Alvarez, Brock Stewart to your list of possible trade candidates. Contrary to articles I read today, I would not move Joc. Team chemistry is important and so are those 20+ dingers he has hit thus far. Go Blue!!!

          • AZUL, I totally agree with you. If our intended acquisition is merwly y going to be a rental, then the price must be adjusted accordingly. Hi PD Jr!!!! Go Blue!!!

  6. Location ! With this many home runs being hit, if not locating your pitches you are going to get hit. Look where the pitches were in Boston, belt high over the plate. Roberts can sugar coated all he wants, he almost has to. Is he throwing his fastball too much ? Overuse ? Roberts is known for that ! Batters are just waiting for that mistake pitch. But win or lose, we have been Dodger fans for long time & that will not change !

  7. I know I’m swimming against the tide here, but I think Baez has been very good beginning the last 8 to 10 weeks of last season and showed similar skill this season. What happened last night was familiar to early last season and very disappointing, but I think y’all are forgetting how he’s been actually good lately beginning last summer and fall.

  8. Plenty of talent on this Dodger team….time for the coaching staff to double-down and spend a lot of intensive time on the small flaws that keep showing up with the pitching staff…Seems like some of it is just pitch selection. Dodgers need to swap Barnes for Smith behind the plate so both can blossom. Barnes needs some one-on-one coaching, even more than he’s been getting.

    This is a GREAT baseball team, solid at all positions. Love to see the squeeze today, and the clever play that scored Turner with the fake steal. Old fashioned ball is not dead, even if everyone is on board with sabermetrics. I’m a really old guy (Dorsey HS in LA 1950) and love my team.

  9. He probably IS tipping his pitches, but on the bright side most hitters forget what he was going to throw by the time he actually gets around to delivering the pitch.

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