Manny “Bye Felicia” Machado, RIP Newk, Baseball Stoppage, and Puig Your Lazy Friend | Episode 42 | Blue Heaven Podcast

This week on the podcast Machado is a Padre, Puig made some questionable statements to Cincinnati media, and baseball could be heading toward a work stoppage. But first we remember Don Newcombe, a Dodger legend we lost ahead of episode 42 of the podcast.

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Spring training is a week old, and Manny Machado “hustled” to the contract finish line before Bryce Harper. Brook and Clint discuss the agreed upon 10-year, $300M deal with the Padres, and how Corey Seager looking healthy makes it ok to let him go.


Next, we welcome DN Editorial lead Tim Rogers on to the show to discuss some misconceptions with free agency, and how MLB owners really have no reason to want to fix a broken system that is headed toward a work stoppage in 2022.

In the second half of the show, our live audience wants to know what’s going on with Andrew Toles after he didn’t report to camp.

Yasiel Puig made us question his comment to the Dodgers in his last few seasons after he made some questionable comments regarding his contract status. Clint suggests that the Dodgers protected Puig more than we all realized, and that everyone conveniently swept a lot under the rug when it came to his time in blue.

Clayton Kershaw was named to make his ninth straight opening day start for the Dodgers, but Brook wonders if that is the right call.

Plus Clint understands the latest changes that Cody Bellinger is trying with his swing.

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