As the Marlins fire-sale continues with now Marcell Ozuna going to the Cardinals, we ask the question: who’s next? The biggest name currently is Christian Yelich. While Ozuna was still on the block, Yelich’s name came up in trade talks as well. Between the two outfielders Yelich comes with more team control. Ozuna offers a potentially more robust offensive profile, but Yelich’s abilities are undeniable as well.

Currently there are conflicting reports over Yelich’s availability:

Keith Law, of ESPN’s take is certainly worth a laugh:

All this to say that Yelich may or may not be available. If he is available, knowing the asking price will be high, should the Dodgers pursue him? As detailed with the Stanton rumors, and then Ozuna, the outfield isn’t necessarily a weakness. Born in Thousands Oaks, and graduating from Westlake Village HS, Yelich happens to be a SoCal native. His current contract runs with up to five years of control at $58.25 million.

The stats on him are strong as well. He has a career triple slash of .290/.369/.439. While he certainly doesn’t bring the power of Stanton or Ozuna, he has a strong track record of consistency. With a career walk rate of 10.7%, his high contact rates and ability to take a walk would fit perfectly in our lineup. Additionally, his defense has always been very solid, including a Gold Glove in 2014. More significantly he can easily play excellent defense in left of center field. Doing so would allow the Dodgers the flexibility to utilize Chris Taylor at 2B if need be.

With all this said, what will it take for the Dodgers to acquire his services? Now the prospect return for Oznua is known. And we also know that the Marlins expect a larger haul for Yelich. With that in mind, we can expect trade talks to start with Alex Verdugo and a top 10 pitching prospect. Someone like Yadier Alvarez will likely catch the Marlins’ attention.

If the Dodgers can garner the Marlins’ interest, Christian Yelich would surely be an asset to the team. Tell us what your thoughts are!

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