MLB News: Astros Advance to the Next Round at Dodger Stadium

Every Dodgers fans’ nightmare is coming true.

Dodgers fans might want to look away, they’re not going to enjoy this one. After MLB set up this wild new playoff format, the Houston Astros were able to advance to the Division Series over the Twins on Wednesday. But that’s not the worst part. 

The Astros advancing is enough to make any MLB fan sick. But with the new playoff bubble plan, Houston will now head to Los Angeles to play at Dodger Stadium. That’s right, those cheating Astros will get the chance to advance to the ALCS on our home turf. Petco Park is set to host the American League Championship Series. 

Perhaps more disturbing is the fact that if the White Sox beat the A’s today, the Astros open the series as the HOME team at Dodger Stadium. The White Sox would come into the series as the lower seed, giving Houston the advantage for the 5-game series. MLB really found a way to get to Dodgers fans with the way they set things up.

Dodgers fans have been through it with Houston in 2020. Not only were the Astros exposed as cheaters for the 2017 World Series run, but Joe Kelly got a huge suspension for throwing at them during this season. MLB initially handed out a massive 8-game ban to Kelly despite the fact that he didn’t even hit a batter.

The Astros barely made it into the playoffs int he first place, posting a 29-31 record. That was unfortunately good enough for second in the division, handing them a playoff spot. MLB really messed up with this 16-team format. 

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  1. The fact that both the Astros and the Yankees advanced when they wouldn’t have even qualified under the normal system, is enough to show that the 3-game play in is complete bunk. And enough to make a real baseball fan retch.

  2. I, for one, will definitely enjoy it if the Asterisks’ postseason *ends* at Dodger Stadium. The place where they stole their biggest series, becoming the place where they get their asses handed to them? Now that would be some poetic justice.