MLB News: Marlins Breakout Aside, COVID Test Results Gets Better

Things have approved for the other 29 teams around the league.

The Marlins’ situation is obviously drastic, but MLB has good news outside of that one organization. In the latest rounds of testing, every team aside from the Marlins has received encouraging results. 

MLB announced today that the other 29 teams have had zero positive tests returned since Friday. That news is encouraging given the fact that the Marlins played a series while guys were likely already infected. 

If the league is able to get the Marlins situation under control, all signs point toward the season getting to finish up. Here is more from the MLB press release below. 

In over 6,400 tests conducted since Friday, July 24th, there have been no new positives of on-field personnel from any of the other 29 clubs. This outcome is in line with encouraging overall data since the June 27th start of testing. Through last Thursday, July 23rd, 99 of the 32,640 samples – 0.3% – had been positive.  

Obviously, news that the Marlins had so many players test positive is a blow to the morale of the league. But MLB has moved games around and Miami will not play again this week. The Yankees will instead play against the Orioles this week since the Phillies also will not be playing for a few days. Both teams are being held out of baseball activity until further testing can be done. 

Marlins aside, the league did not have any new positive test results in the 6,400 tests conducted since Opening Day. Those numbers are likely the reason that MLB did not decide to shut down the season with half of the Marlins roster being infected. More to come. 

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  1. Actually there are no (zero) signs pointing to the league getting to finish up. On a positive note miami losing half there roster to the virus will have no impact on the team or the league. Instead if a triple A team they may become a double A team. The real problem will be in Texas, Arizona, California etc in the next few weeks.