MLB News: Players Vote Down Offer From the League

The MLB Player’s Union turned down another offer from owners.

MLB and the player’s union have gone back and forth for weeks trying to get baseball moving. With the financials have been a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, we still do not have any good news. 

The Player’s Association was scheduled to take a vote today on the 60-game proposal offered by the league. Initially, the belief was that the union would strike the offer down quickly. Nothing seems to have changed that sentiment even with some adjustments being made on the side of MLB. 

MLB had reportedly been willing to make drastic changes to the deal in order to appease players and get a deal passed, including the playoff formats. Commissioner Rob Manfred apparently wanted to avoid having to implement a season himself in accordance with the March 26th agreement. It appears as though it will ultimately come down to Manfred having to step in. 

The vote was reported to go 33-5 in favor of turning down the offer from MLB, suggesting the two sides are even further apart than we thought. With the commissioner expected to implement a season, there are sure to be issues that follow. Players will likely opt-out of the mandated season, or Manfred could cancel it altogether. 

The Player’s Union followed up the vote with this statement for the season. 

More details coming as they are released. 

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  1. Time to face it that there is no good that could come from any form of season this year. It’s best to spend the time promoting MLB in advance of 2021. Some promotional events could include a home run derby, five players from each team, culminating in a championship, The original Home Run Derby in the 50’s was set without fans in a minor league ballpark. This one could be in several possible major league ballparks. Just hoping for something, but not a 50 or 60 game triple-asterisk season.