MLB: The Worst Umpire in the League is Facing Trouble

MLB has a serious allegation against Angel Hernandez.

Even the most casual fans in all of baseball know that Angel Hernandez is not a name associated with greatness. The 30-year veteran umpire has made a name for himself in MLB by being easily one of the worst officials in the sport. 

Hernandez already has a lawsuit filed with MLB for discrimination in keeping him out of playoff games. But per Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic, Hernandez is now being accused of listening into conversations that he was not supposed to be a part of. 

During a game between the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays in 2019, there was a long delay over confusion over the rules. Hernandez was required to get on a call with league officials to discuss the issue and reportedly stayed on the line to listen to calls with other umpires about the matter. More from Kaplan. 

According to MLB legal filings Friday in the lawsuit, after the July 24 Rays-Red Sox contest, the league under then-chief baseball officer Joe Torre launched an investigation into the confusion and interviewed the umpires involved in the game. Torre then later claimed Hernandez did not get off the phone when his interview ended and listened to the interview of umpire Ed Hickox. MLB conducted a separate call with Hernandez on Aug. 19 to question him on the alleged eavesdropping. 

The rule in question related to a pitcher moving over to a position during the game, and whether or not the Rays would lose their DH as a result. Hernandez reportedly had to be reminded by MLB and his officiating crew despite being briefed beforehand. The league stripped Hernandez of his acting crew chief title after that incident.

This is just the latest in what has come to be an incredibly ugly situation for MLB and, let’s face it, a very bad umpire. 

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