Project The Dodgers Home Run Totals For 2019

Everyone loves the long ball, right? Furthermore, it’s probably my favorite play in baseball. For that matter – it’s my favorite thing in sports.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were second in all of baseball in 2018 with 235 home runs. So how many will they hit in 2019 – and by what means will they arrive?

We took to our @DodgersNation twitter account to ask our fans to make a prediction. First, a few of our writers took a stab at it. See what you think!

Clint, FRG, and Tim Make Predictions:

I really like how bullish Tim was on Cody Bellinger. If Bellinger can pop 43 out, the Dodgers should be in for a great year in the power department. Furthermore, you’ll notice that I am bullish on Corey Seager discovering his power stroke. Most surprisingly, FRG and myself both see Russell Martin surprising in the power department.

Fans Make Predictions on Dodgers HR Totals

We asked our fans to submit their predictions alongside ours. This was fun to see what trends developed amongst certain players. Equally important, you can see which players that some doubt was expressed in when it comes to power.



Make Your Own Prediction!

In the comments section, copy and paste the names above and feel free to draw up your own home run total prediction for the Dodgers regulars in 2019.

It should be fun as the season goes on to look back and see where your gut feelings were correct alongside ours. There’s nothing like the home run! And the Dodgers should bode well again in this department just based on the names that dot the roster.

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  1. My 1970’s Dodgers lost all THREE World Series they were in, and remain my favotite sports team of all time. It’s the journey. We will manage.

    • Dodger history includes 50+ years of no titles before 1955 but then 6 in a 33 year span from 1955-1988 4 of which were won in a 10 year period. In other words it’s in this franchises dna to have a long long drought but when it ends it’ll be a great run. We got 20 years to go

      • Keep in mind that Dodger franchise had 3 or 4 NL Pennants won before any World Series was ever in existence. If I recall it was 52 years, as the WS began to be played in 1903. Obviously a team cannot lose a WS that was not even played.

    • To show ya how baseball has changed from the 1970’s to today… in 1974, believe it or not, the Dodgers LED all of MLB with a grand total of 139 HR’s, led by Jimmy Wynn with 32

  2. Pollock 14
    Seager 20
    Turner 37
    Bellinger 31
    Muncy 26
    Taylor 12
    Hernandez 22
    Pederson 32
    Verdugo 12
    Barnes 2
    Martin 8
    Freese 11
    Toles 2

  3. Clint, well here is my guess anyway:
    Pollock 20
    Seager 16
    Turner 14
    Bellinger 35..if he is not platooned
    Muncy 15 or less cause pitchers will have adjusted to him
    Taylor 20 if he is not platooned
    Hernandez 16
    Pederson 20 or less and he may hit most of them with a different team
    Verdugo 5 If he’s not traded and or platooned, as I am not sold on him as others here are
    Barnes 2
    Martin 6
    Freese 9
    Toles 2 but probably won’t be on this team and if so he may start and spend time at OKC again
    Let me say a bigger concern is how many HR’s this pitching staff of ours serves up. keep in mind that even though DS is considered a pitcher friendly park, there were 8 NL teams last year who’s pitching allowed fewer than the 179 Dodger pitchers gave up. And in the WS? A big reason we lost both WS in past 2 years is the 23 combined HR’s this staff served up in only 12 games combined….

  4. Assuming everyone is healthy for the majority of the season,
    Home Run totals:

    Pollock 21
    Seager 24
    Turner 27
    Bellinger 33
    Muncy 28
    Taylor 17
    Hernandez 21
    Pederson 26
    Verdugo 16
    Barnes 7
    Martin 11
    Freese 9
    Toles 13

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