Ross Stripling Talks 2019 For The Dodgers

Ross Stripling had the year of his life in 2018. Furthermore, he was named an All Star for the first time, and posted a career low ERA of 3.02. While starting 21 games for the Dodger, he appeared at times to be the ace.

Recently, Stripling appeared on MLB Network’s Hot Stove to talk about the upcoming 2019 season for himself and his team.

Of course, Jon Morosi asked Stripling about his prowess as a licensed stock broker. Stripling said that the market is volatile, but he still enjoys his trade.

However, Stripling did not sound like his concern for the Dodgers roster construction reflects the same volatility. When asked about how he deals with the rumors that involves his teammates:

Right, you know I think you kind of stay even-keel with it. You’ll get tagged with stuff on Instagram – I got tagged saying I had been traded to the Pirates for Cervelli. And you kind of have a little bit of a shock and don’t know whether or not to believe it. Obviously, the big trade with the Reds I lost my roommates in Alex Wood and Kyle Farmer. It’s a business, but at the end of the day we trust that Andrew Friedman and those guys are making great decisions for your squad. They’re gonna clear up some money to go sign guys like Bryce Harper or use some trade chips to make a move for a guy like Corey Kluber.

Stripling remains the consummate professional who is well-spoken, and handles himself well on the field as a competitor. While his role for 2019 remains in question at the current time – he will be a factor for the Dodgers.

Furthermore, the Dodgers remain fortunate to have All-Star arms like Stripling just laying around at their disposal. Entering his age-29 season without a lot of tread on the tires, Stipling figures to be an integral part of the near-term future at Chavez Ravine. His upbeat attitude is refreshing, and he will remain; a winning ballplayer to have on the squad.

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  1. Some fans seem too willing to include Stripling in trades when it appears that he is just entering his prime years. Trading him to the Pirates for one, very expensive year of concussion prone Francisco Cervelli would be a mistake.

    • Yes, Socal. I could see him maybe being a piece dangled in July of 2019 when we need to cover a deficiency. But he’s also a very valuable guy to have on the roster due to his own versatility and like I like to say. Guy is a winner.

      • A cerebral pitcher whose stuff plays up because of his command and keeping hitters off balance. Considering his contract status/compensation, I would rather see Hill and/or Maeda traded before Stripling.

    • I totally agree, SoCal. If Cervalli were a fighter, he would have a “glass jaw”. Lets keep Strips in our starting rotation. If we need to move a pitcher, there is always Brock Steward, Ryu and even Maeda or Hill.

  2. Generally speaking, as is with a lot of guys in LA, you want a consistent routine. It hones the best of your abilities whether a guy hits the ball or throws the ball. In Strip’s case, the opportunity arose and he got his chance last year. In moments, he flourished, but as soon as MLB hitters got a look at him a few times, the keel started to even out. Strip did not pitch well enough to stay in a rotation at the end of the year last year. That said, if given routine opportunities over the course of another year, the guy may turn out to be bona fide. Question is, will he get that shot in an LA uniform? I don’t think so. Unless he is content to be a long reliever out of the bullpen, I don’t see Strip’s time in LA to be a long one. If I am another club, I would pounce on the guy and give him his shot, but he’s not going to get that in LA unless he is content to be long reliever.