Rumor: Dodgers In On Kelvin Herrera & Numerous Other Big Name Free Agents

The MLB offseason is effectively also rumor season. Because of this, we must report upon those rumors. Moreover, some come to fruition; many more do not.

Depending on whom you speak to – the Los Angeles Dodgers are involved in many big-name free agent pursuits. If that person is NBC Sports’ Michael Duarte, the Dodgers are sniffing around some impressive targets as we head towards 2019.

Dodgers’ Interested In Big Name Free Agents

The first whisper that Duarte brought us on Friday was that the Dodgers have expressed interest in reliever Kelvin Herrera. Now, this would be an interesting addition to the current bullpen. Entering his age-29 season, Herrera was phenomenal for the Kansas City Royals over 27 games before a trade to the Washington Nationals. Then, health issues took place and he puttered to the finish line with his new teammates.

Herrera has closing experience. With 60 career saves on his resume, adding him to a bullpen of Kenley Jansen and Joe Kelly would be a powerhouse move.

Furthermore, Duarte says the Dodgers are still interested in Nick Castellanos. Earlier in the month we touched on the initial interest the Dodgers had during the Winter Meetings. However, without a true position open this is probably long odds of happening. Duarte mentions the possibility that the Dodgers could use the highly-coveted Castellanos as ammunition for another trade.

Finally, Duarte talks about the Dodgers checking in on catcher Francisco Cervelli. Cervelli will enter his age-33 season coming off a year in which he had an OPS of .809 for the Pittsburgh Pirates. It seems that J.T. Realmuto is still the top option for the Dodgers but the team cannot find a package that suits what the Miami Marlins desire.

Bryce Harper Update

Finally, the day did not end without a Bryce Harper update. Earlier in the week, Duarte said that a source told him the Dodgers were on the ’10 or 20 yard-line’ with their pursuit of Harper. Now, it seems that crossing that goal line may take several more weeks of carefully executed plays by the front office.

Duarte says that the signing will not take place until after Manny Machado chooses a new team. Equally important, if Machado becomes a New York Yankee; the Phillies will then up their offer to Harper. This could knock the Dodgers or the Cubs off the top of the totem pole as the leader in the clubhouse to sign the superstar outfielder.

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  1. We don’t want Harper and Realmuto blocks Will Smith and Keibert Ruiz. Don’t need that.

    • Realmuto is only under 2 more years of team control and he would not necessarily block those 2 up and coming catchers.. Besides, in no way do I believe Dodgers will simply give Barnes the starting job in 2019 what with his offensive short comings.

  2. I like another reliever but the Dodgers don’t need another second baseman or a catcher. Taylor and Kiki are there with maybe Lux if they decide. They could use another good RISP guy maybe Harper for 6 and 35. If not just go get Kluber and try and unload 1 outfielder maybe Pederson and get the salary down by dumping Hill on someone if possible. May be I’m dreaming but Harper left handed with decent splits and a strong rotation should get them over the hump for the WS win. Maybe Pederson and Hill and Rios plus those 2 Minor guys they just got for Kluber or Realmuto. Sitting on the farm system seems silly. Do something with those guys. No need for the weak hitting Hernandez or Pederson they have peaked. Fill their spots with the farm.

    • They don’t need a catcher? Really? You want to take the field with Barnes every night? Just because he had one good season the Dodgers are banking on him? Okay…

  3. This rumor just in, so HAVE to report it. Mickey Mouse on Dodgers radar to play second. With Bluto getting feelers to play backstop for LA while Austin Barnes gets reintroduced inti hiw to hit.

  4. Forget Bryce Harper. LA should concentrate on Trout, and Arenado for next season when they should be able to shed $40 mil in contracts. This year, the NL West will be easy pickings for LA without Harper.

    • The NL West again? 7 time in a row so we can go into the season knowing that we’re going to go win the NL West but we either don’t get to the World Series or if we get there we’re second-best again?

      • I think they were a lock to win the NL West before the last trade. They’re probably 90% now. We need something to replace Puig’s production at the moment.

        • I believe Seager will more than offset Puig’s offense, Verdugo will help but in a different way, look for Bellinger to be a more consistent offensive force. Dodgers will also add another bat (or 2) from Harper, Castellanos, Realmuto, or another hitter not currently on fans radar.

  5. You realize of course that winning the west is no real accomplishment. Think where Boston, NYT and and any other 90 win teams would be if they got to play over 40% of their games against west teams

  6. I say let the Yankees sign machado and then we offer a trade to the Yankees Giancarlo Stanton or make a offer for Kris Davis and then go get J.T. Realmuto. That would be a balanced attack

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