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This is a great, timely question; and I think that if we knew the truth, the Dodgers interest in Harper is ‘somewhat’ and genuine. Nevertheless, I would rank the Dodgers second in the division once the dust settles as favorites to land him. ESPN’s Buster Olney detailed just how great the desire is on the part of the Giants to land Harper. Much has been written elsewhere dating back almost a year that San Francisco is going to empty the cupboard to make a push for Harper.

I think that the Dodgers will certainly have conversations about how Harper fits into the current clubhouse. A look at the current odds to land Harper have the Dodgers down the list a little bit, and I feel it’s appropriate. Look, I know Bryce Harper is a special and even possibly generational player. That said – I don’t know if the fit is truly there. Los Angeles has a glut of outfielders already and Alex Verdugo has blossomed enough to get a shot. That’s not to say you don’t make room for a Bryce Harper if he’s out there. But is this really a player worthy of $400M dollars or more? Maybe he is to the Giants – they need some pop in the middle of their lineup. However, we’re hitting Max Muncy or Cody Bellinger sixth in our lineup on some nights.

With the way Harper figures to age defensively, I ultimately think the Dodgers decide to pass. This after some consideration (which has already happened or is ongoing in the front office).

It seems like when you look around baseball – the Dodgers are in pretty good shape in this department. This certainly would have been a different tale had they not retained Clayton Kershaw. Still, it’s hard to imagine something on the free agent market moving the needle more than the group the Dodgers have in-house.

With no basis or anything I’ve read to support this – I actually think that the Dodgers may find more interest in a starting pitcher who comes available on the trade market. It’s been rumored that Corey Kluber or Carlos Carrasco may be available in trades. I think one of these guys under a contract or someone else we don’t have under the microscope could come in play. The Dodgers always seem savvy to make a bold trade.

Overall, I think it’s a lot more likely the Dodgers add a quality reliever to a multi-year free agent deal than a starting pitcher at this point; but again that’s just my personal feeling. We will see how this plays out.

Political answer here: but there is no one thing. When you add Corey Seager back into what you saw last season – that’s adding a six to seven WAR player right off the jump. Even if the Dodgers somehow get worse in the off-season which I don’t see, they probably break even just by adding Seager back into the mix. Now, everyone else is going to get better too. But I would suggest that with how Los Angeles has set themselves up with the young core and current nucleus; they’re going to be in the mix. That’s the reason you already see them listed as a heavy favorite to return. Teams will need to go through the Dodgers if they want a World Series berth.

Personally, I think sorting out what you want to do with Walker Buehler, Clayton Kershaw, and Julio Urias in the rotation and what order is very important. From there, the Dodgers have some figuring to do on catcher; so we will see what plan is in place at that spot. I am interested to see what the starting outfield looks like against right and left-handed pitching.

It’s really important that some of these young players prove not only to be platoon guys but players who can be dangerous hitting against either left or right-handed pitching. More of that will lead to less exposure and less shortening of the bench. All of that should lead to the Dodgers making a run at a third straight NL Pennant.

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