As you may know, Cody Bellinger is my guy. When he hits a bomb – I write about it.

And so, when Dodgers Nation makes the trek to Spring Training later on this week; I set out to get his autograph. One of those days in the sun, I will wake up with the hopes and dreams of my nine-year old self. Then I will head to the park with my ballpoint blue pen and pearl and hope for the best.

I plan to document my hunt for the prize right here, for all of you.

My first autograph was Brett Butler during the 1991 season. Butler finished seventh in NL MVP voting that year! Some time after that, I was able to get Tommy Lasorda to sign a ticket stub. He cussed me out, like only Tommy can do.

In between was the failed experiment of getting a Darryl Strawberry autograph. It may have been 1992, and my mom ended up hopelessly tossing my only baseball in Darryl’s direction in the dugout of which he walked on into the tunnel. I actually cried my eyes out that day, real tears.

However, there will be no tears in Arizona. No, this will be a story of great triumph. I will document the entire story from beginning to end, and will include video footage and photos. Perhaps this can serve as a guide to get your favorite player’s autograph.

No matter how old you are, no matter how dark the road; no matter the player. I am setting out to prove that dreams come true every day. And I am 36 years old and I’m sure that my story will read like that of someone who is 12 again. Behold, the magic of baseball on a soul.

I’m coming for you Cody, be ready!