This Week In Dodgers Nation: Verdugo’s Playing Time, Kenley’s Backup Plan, And More

The Dodgers went on the road again this week to take on Milwaukee, but not before a series sweep of the Reds. Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, Alex Wood, and Kyle Farmer all came back to The Ravine, and Dodgers fans sounded off on Kenley Jansen’s rocky start to the year. All this week in Dodgers Nation!

Getting the Bullpen in Order

Keeping Tabs on Craig Kimbrel’s Free Agency

Kenley’s Backup Plan If He Cannot Get It Together

Dodgers Roster News and Updates

The Dodgers Have A NEW Number One Prospect

The Dodgers Sign on a Potential Bullpen Candidate

Early Stats and Observations

Four Very Weird Stats For the Dodgers to Start the Season

Dave Roberts Has Made Some Controversial Calls Early, Can We Trust Him?


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  1. I know the Dodgers decision-makers won’t listen but I’d wish they would play Verdugo more often. I know who do they sit you ask. If Bellinger’s at 1st, then probably means Muncy unless you put Max at 2nd or 3rd, which means sitting Turner or Kike. If Bellinger’s in the OF, then that means either Pederson, when facing a LHP(which they already do) or Pollack, he is struggling. I realize it is a domino-effect. I thought after trading Kemp and Puig, the OF would be less-congested. The Dodgers still have too much OF depth, which they say is a “good problem.” I disagree with this statement.

    • Robin………..I have to disagree with ya……….we need that depth……….we are just one outfield injury away from having to play someone out there in the outfield with no decent backup plan after that, unless you want to see (Ugh!) Taylor starting everyday. You have to have depth, it’s the key to maintain success……rising stars who can play like Verdugo, he is a luxury most teams do not have and wish they did…..I keep asking what happened to Toles but no one is talking………

      • Toles lost my drug supply he’s gotta pay that off before he can leave. During these months he’s gotten addicted again as well so it’s going to be awhile

  2. bluz1st, no I don’t want to see “automatic-out” Taylor or Barnes who has become an auto-out. I ask you, couldn’t we trade that depth for bullpen help which is another weakness? Are you telling me there is nobody in the Dodgers farm, AAA or AA, that could replace that depth? You know “next man up” philosophy that I keep hearing?

    • Robin………the Dodgers depth right now IS pitching………and they have a ton of it……….now I don’t hang out with Friedman but I do live and die on pretty much every tidbit I can get that has anything Dodger in it and I can tell ya this………….if the bullpen continues to falter, it will be Urias……..then Dustin May……..or Tony Gonsolin…….or Dennis Santana…….one of these will emerge to cover the fallout……..but in the outfield Verdugo IS the next man up. If someone gets hurt and Verdugo has to play, a second injury to the outfield and THEY will turn to Taylor………and I will get ill. If everyone were healthy like now, they could bench Muncy to give you your wish for more Verdugo, then move Beliinger back to first……..but I get the impression they are really counting on Muncy’s bat and want to leave him @ first. Also, David Freese has a role to play at first and Bellinger would get in the way of that…….Just my opinion……….. Dave does what Dave does……..

      • Well one thing is for sure, and that is even though Joc had a great birthday on Sunday with 2 more HR’s he will thus be sitting for tonight and tomorrow’s game with the Cubs because there will be a LHP on the mound. They are set in stone on this and even if Joc hit 4 HR’s on Sunday and one of them was off a lefty he still would not start in the next couple games I believe.

      • bluz1st you say the Dodgers depth IS pitching. Why is it the team needs that depth because the pitchers are SO Fragile e.g. Hill-blister, Kershaw-back,arm, Ryu-groin, Buehler-had tommy-john in the past, Urias-shoulder. IMO, the second the Dodgers pitchers step on the mound they get hurt!! Referring to position players, they Won’t even start/play Pederson when a LHP on the mound, he’s too one dimensional, “feast or famine.” Friedman and when Zaidhi was here lucked out when they acquired Turner,Taylor,Muncy,Hernandez and now its midnight and these players are reverting back to what they were. I remember what former Tennessee’s head coach Pat Summit’s father told her, “you want to win a championship, you need thoroughbreds!” Stop dumpster diving, and get real major-league players! Yes, they cost money, but the Dodgers are Not hurting for money!

  3. As most of you know, I have disdain for sabremetrics/matchups, etc. To that end, I want to see Joc play as frequently as possible. Granted he tailed off for a while, but his performance on his birthday deserves reward. Just as Verdugo needs to play consistently. Just as Urias should be in the starting rotation maybe every 6th day with a quota for his pitches. I know I refer to the 1950s teams a great deal, but there was no platooning because the players produced, and when they did not, then they were sat down. Mr. Roberts has depth, but I still find his lineups based too much on numbers and that bothers me. Go Blue!!!

  4. I feel L.A. should put Buehler in as a set up man in late innings for closer Henley. It seems Buehler gives up less runs in the first 4 innings when he starts a game. L.A. needs a n Excellent set-up man if they want to continue in first place.