Vin Scully Will End Career Earlier than Expected this Dodgers Season

Watching the playoffs will be bittersweet for Dodgers’ fans this year as the voice fans hear during the playoffs will not be Vin Scully’s.

The legendary broadcaster said Tuesday that he would not be calling any Dodger playoff games this year and that means there are only 10 games left to catch the greatest broadcaster of all time.

According to the LA times Bill Shaikin, Scully has made up his mind on where his career will come to an end.

“I’m going to say goodbye at Dodger Stadium the last game with Colorado. I will say goodbye in San Francisco. And then that will be it.”

This means that Scully’s final home game will be Sept. 25 when the Dodgers play the Colorado Rockies, and his final game will be Oct. 2, when the Dodgers face their heated rivals, the San Francisco Giants.

Scully hasn’t called many road games this season, but he says he will be calling all three games against San Francisco.

The 88-year-old has been calling Dodger games for 67 years, and not hearing his smooth voice telling entertaining stories will take some getting used to. Let’s hope he has a change of heart if the Dodgers make the World Series because it definitely won’t be as sweet without Vinny t

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  1. 1. Vinny has to answer to only 2 people
    himself and his wife 
    2. No mater if he called game 6 and the Dodgers win the World Series, we will all be in Mourning celebrating the end of an Era in history, 
    but that being said;
    I have no reason to own an AM radio or have TWC come Oct 3rd

  2. What I don’t understand is why aren’t the networks, MLB and other broadcasters practice the “Scully Style”? Why are there not more baseball announcers like Jon Miller and Bob Costas? Most baseball announcers are just that, announcers who. rather than call a ball game through a conversation with the listener, are simply cookie-cutter, two dimensional announcers who think making every pitch sound like it is the ninth inning of the World Series (displaying a profoundly vapid understanding of the nature of baseball – I’m looking at you, Charlie Steiner) is excellent broadcasting. I can’t believe there is not some young broadcaster out there who realizes effective baseball announcers have a nice conversation with the fan, not emphasizing the import of every pitch, ala Joe Buck – which makes Buck a terrific football announcer but a lousy baseball one. It seems so obvious to me, yet the owners and media execs keep trudging out these bland ANNOUNCERS, one more boring than the last, instead of an announcer who calls a game following its ebb and flow nature. Vin’s last game is going to be a loss on so many levels….

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