WATCH: Mark DeRosa Breaks Down the Swings of Bellinger and Turner

Former Major League veteran Mark DeRosa gave a very detailed breakdown on the swings of Cody Bellinger and Justin Turner on MLB Network’s show, MLB Central.

DeRosa gives a great breakdown of Bellinger and how his batting stance resembles the likes of Barry Bonds and Gary Sheffield. DeRosa went on to talk about the movement of Bellinger’s bat as he took his place in the batter’s box:

  • “In order to get some power when he was down in Rancho – in the minor leagues, in the bushes, hitting streets – he said he wanted to get more power and he talked about the top of his bat being towards the pitcher. …When he talked about that, I couldn’t help but think about Barry Bonds and that tack hammer approach. Or a guy that I played with in Atlanta, and that’s Gary Sheffield. No one waggled the bat and got to that point as well.”

Moving on to Justin Turner, DeRosa talked about how Justin used to not be able to pull the ball as a member of the New York Mets because he would wait on the ball to get deep into the zone. Now, he tries to get to the ball earlier, giving him the power to pull the ball:

  • “Justin Turner, as a former utility guy, I am living vicariously through you because I couldn’t pull a ball to save my life either. …I can’t tell you how nasty this is. Front shoulder stays tucked, I know he’s starting to leak a little bit, but his hands stay so locked in in the bat path. This is perfection. This is exactly what you’re trying to do with a 2-0 fastball.”

Both Bellinger and Turner have very different stances, not only coming from different sides of the plate, but adjusting to what makes them successful Major League Baseball hitters. Their adjustments have turned them into baseball stars in the world’s biggest league.

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Written by Trevor Vernola


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