You Know Joc Pederson’s Name, But Do You Know The Player?

Joc Pederson

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Well, let’s find out with a little five-round game of, “Two Truths, One Lie” (two statements in each round are true of Pederson, one is not — your job is to guess which is which):

Round 1:

  • Pederson was drafted in the third round of the 2010 draft
  • Pederson played for Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic
  • Pederson’s dad played for the Dodgers in the 1980’s

Round 2:

  • Pederson was the first Pacific Coast League player in 80 years to hit 30 home runs and steal 30 bases in the same season
  • Joc’s brother, Tyger, plays in the Dodgers’ minor league system
  • Pederson was born in 1994

Round 3:

  • Was named the Southern League’s best defensive outfielder in 2013
  • Was named the 14th best prospect in MLB heading into last season
  • In the minors, Pederson hit .302/.405/.524 with 84 HR and 113 SB (2010-2014)

Round 4:

  • Pederson is six months older than Bryce Harper
  • Pederson gave away his car at a AAA-game last season
  • Pederson’s walk-up music last season was “The Reason” by Hoobastank

Round 5:

  • Pederson was committed to UCLA before signing with the Dodgers
  • Pederson had an OBP of .351 in the majors last season
  • Pederson went on a coffee run for the major league team in full uniform last season


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